Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not a ton to report here

Did a strength class on Monday where I did 1,000 squats as per usual and then was too busy at work to do anything for the rest of the week.
So today I ran 3 miles and then biked 5. It was alright, the weather is perfect. I gave a guy a high five but he didn't get it and I ended up just slapping his hand anyway. Idiot. Sometimes I get deliriously happy when I'm running, and I just sort of expect that everybody else should be too. Also the music in my headphones makes me want to dance, but you can't dance while you run, but you can pump your arms in a sort of white-boy dance and so that's what I do. Also, I sing. I can't help it. Today, it was Madonna, that song about 'please don't say you're sorry, cuz I dont wanna hear, blah blah, can't take it anymore' and then I forget that other people can only hear me sing and they can't hear the song in my headphones, so it's like a-capella singing out of breath and out of tune.

Well, like I said, happy when I run.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So we ran 8 miles on Saturday!

Thank goodness Anna came over on Friday for girls' night and we drank tons of wine and then on Saturday morning, felt a little groggy but ran 8 miles anyways. We did a little walking, but not too much. From my house to the Rose Garden at Lake Harriet and back is precisely 8. Anna was also sick with a cold so I'm super proud of her for even going, plus this is the farthest she has ever ran!
She did the half marathon relay in Maple Grove, so 6+ miles was her longest run.

Anyways, my hips and knees and ankles and shins were SORE. But I drank lots of booze again on Saturday night (as anyone who is in training will tell you, it's important to drink lots of alcohol.)

Then today Murphy and I rode bike for 5 miles. That loosened up my leg muscles a little bit. They were super tight.

Tomorrow I have my 20 minute core class, followed by a 2.2 mile run around the swamp by my office...this half is coming up fast, but I'm not too worried about it. I am so lazy. Now that I have run a marathon, I think of a half marathon as a "breeze", and "no big deal". I know that sounds weird, but it's kind of how it is. Even though the running lots of miles is kicking my butt.

Anyways, next Saturday we plan to do 11 miles and then the following Saturday is the big event.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strength training

I just did 6,985 squats and tomorrow I will not be able to walk.

Not really running that much...I ran/walked two miles in the Falls. Went to Big Vic and back one day with Nancy and Laurissa. It went really well. it's always nice to have people to talk to.

Today the instructor in strength training actually did the whole one hour routine. I was super-impressed.

The half marathon is only like 3 weeks away. I am up to five miles (last week.) I am not running any long runs this weekend because I'll be in Rochester. So on the 18th I'm going to run 9 miles and on the 25th I'm going to run 11.

I hope.