Sunday, June 28, 2009

Didn't run six...

But I did run 5! And I found the other shoe to the shoe that I found the other day! Two Shoes. Men's. Steve Madden's. Size 10ish. Located at 50th and cedar, if you're in the market for a pair of shoes.

Also the shorts are still there. They are just shredded. Weird. And I found a pair of pink big undies today too.

The reason I only ran five is because I set my alarm to get up at 6:15 and go run with my old running club, but snoozed until 9, and then called Kasey to see if she minded me picking up Murphy at 10:30. I went out, and actually had a very decent run. I have been walking a lot because I'm not quite up to speed, but today I didn't walk very much at all. I took about three 25-yard walk breaks. Not bad for five miles. I'm going to try to run more than just once a week and that should help too. I ran two miles on Saturday and that really helped today's run. So I'll try to keep that going. Tomorrow I have core class again and then Tuesday it's Pilates. Wednesday and Thursday I'll try to put in a morning run, just a shortie.

Random thought on the run today:
Maybe I could have tried to bring Murphy WITH me, in the jogging stroller?

Also, Murphy and I rode 7 miles on the bike this evening.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ran two miles today

Was supposed to run 6, but my schedule got in the way.

But I ran two. I saw a pair of shorts on the trail, and a shoe. One shoe.

I always find it so interesting when people lose one shoe. Or a pair of shorts for that matter. Were they in a fight and somebody threw somebody's shorts, or shoe out the window to get mad? Were they about ready to make mad passionate love in the park and the shorts came off in the dark and they couldn't find them? Did a dog drag them around and onto the trail?

It's kind of weird.

And then I imagined myself bringing cookies to the guy who bought my piano, and wondered if he would think that was weird.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Core Class

Yah so the teacher for my Monday Core Class is a huge Nazi and she makes you do stuff that she's not doing. Now, I get it, they teach 7 classes a day probably, and they probably work out a little bit in each one, but the whole "Come on!" "Keep going!" would be easier to take if she wasn't like having a sandwich in the corner criticizing my every move.

20 minute class. Easy right? WRONG. I am SO SORE today, in my back. Because of the two minute planks which actually ended up being 8 minute planks. I didn't even really do them for more than like 30 seconds at a time, and today I can barely walk.

But I really enjoyed today's Pilates class. The teacher gives 4 levels of strength, so you just pick which one you want to do and everybody does their own amount of reps and you BURN your stomach the whole time. It was awesome. I couldn't keep the huge ball between my feet though, which was kind of embarrasing. Also, my hipflexors are that of an 80 year old woman, from running, so some moves I can't even do. For instance. Down on one (right) knee. Other (left) leg straight out to the left. Now put your right hand on the matt about shoulder width out, and lift your left leg and do ten circles clockwise. Now ten circles counter clockwise. Now pulse. Pulse. PULSE! I had to sit that one out, because of all the clicking and cracking in my hip bone, ew and ouch.

Tomorrow, core class again! I expect to lose 100 pounds by Friday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I couldn't procrastinate any longer. Had to do it. So I did! Ran around Lake Nokomis and then down to the stoplight by Fat Lorenzo's and then back home. 4.5 miles. Good enough!

One funny thing that happened is when I was running by the beach on the north end of the Lake, there was a tiny little Latino Boy whose family was having a lovely Barbeque was crouched down by the trail. He had a skateboard in front of him and he was pushing it back and forth sort of revving it up and I knew he was going to try to shoot it out onto the trail just as I ran by, but he made a critical mistake and made eye contact with me and so then he felt bad and didn't do it.

Also a lady on a bike zoomed past me and it really scared me because she didn't yell out that she was coming (On your left!) and she came up on my right. I was like 'wwoooh!" and she just shook her bitchy head because I was on the bike path and so therefore it was all my fault. I felt mildly better about the situation when I got up to the stop light and there she was, running a red light. So I decided she was just rude anyways.

I feel like a million bucks!

Yes it's only 4.5 miles, but that ain't too shabby. And tomorrow marks my first core fitness class during lunch.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

what the?

So I didn't run 5 miles today. And my stomach is hanging WAY over my pants, right now I'm naked except underwear and I can't see the underwear if you know what I'm sayin'~

So I didn't run because I had to watch Kasey's kids and also because it was like 100 degrees. I'm going to run tomorrow *wink*

For exercise today I ate two bowls of cereal, 4 french fries, an ice cream cone, a bowl of ice cream with Kasey's homemade toffee sauce on top, and ravioli with veggies. Also I drove around in my car for 3 hours dropping Karley off in Ham Lake.

August 1st. That's like 40 days away. EEK

Friday, June 19, 2009

Working on my Fitness 2009 I have run a total of 7 miles. I signed up for the Urban Wildland Half Marathon on August 1st, so I'll try to blog how a crazy person trains for 13.1 miles in 6 weeks. It can be done I think.

I joined Lifetime Fitness yesterday! So today I dutifully went to a spin class. At noon, right smack dab in the middle of my work day. This is a huge big deal for me, because I have spent the last 6 months working so MUCH, with never so much as a piss break, so I am so EXCITED to be able to get away from my desk and actually take a lunch.

But, I HATE the gym. I hate the dirtiness of it. I hate the sweatiness of it.

My inner Pollyanna will say that there is a bright side. The instructor motivates you like crazy and the music is always ridulous and awesome.

So, the spin class was just like you see in the movies! A bunch of people on fake bikes with towels around their necks, biking and pedaling and 'spinning' for an hour. And the guy goes "UP!" and everybody stands and pedals. And then he goes, "ADD SOME LOAD!" and then you turn this little knob and suddenly you are going up a hill! (but not really). And then he says, "think about your GOALS!" and I actually said out loud "FLAT STOMACH!" but the music was so loud so nobody heard me. haha

I was sort of going down hill because my bike seat pointed forward and down and it was hard to stay on it. Also I'm used to a normal outside bike that coasts. These bikes don't coast. if you stop pedaling, they WHIP your legs forward and that happened to me like ten times and then my feet fell out of the pedals a few times too.

And I forgot water.

But, it was fun and stay tuned for more updates on the training. I plan to run 5 miles tomorrow, if my legs will let me.